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a mirror of the »interface hall« of shame by this is a mirror of the »interface hall of shame« by isys information architects inc.
Isys Information Architects - Design

Interface Design and Usability Engineering


The look and feel of the application can be the single most important determinant of its value to the user. Isys Information Architects specializes in the design of highly usable interfaces that are easily learned, minimize user frustration and maximize user productivity.

We begin with the system requirements and a few basic rules:

  • Software must assist the user perform a task, not become a task in itself
  • Software must not make the user feel stupid
  • Software must not make the computer appear to be stupid

Our overiding goal is to delight the user, which we accomplish by anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.


Due to our careful attention to the user interface, Isys Information Architects can reduce system development time, increase end-user productivity, and reduce training costs.


Isys Information Architects designers have provided design consultations, design seminars, and usability engineering services to a wide variety of national and multi-national companies. Isys Information Architects president, Brian C. Hayes, has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in human factors engineering and user interface design, and has conducted extensive research into GUI design and adaptive assistance software.

List of Publications
Our staff has provided design services in the following types of applications:

  • CMMS Applications
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • Customer Support
  • Database Reporting Systems
  • Facilities Layout and Design
  • Financial Applications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • International Applications
  • Military Tactical Systems
  • Order-entry Retail Systems
  • Telephony Systems


Isys Information Architects serves as a facilitator between the users and developers of the application. We can help you attain the highest user satisfaction with your products by providing:

  • User interface design specifications for new or legacy applications
  • Evaluation of existing or proposed interface designs
  • Analysis of existing task procedures and workflow
  • Assistance with eliciting requirements from intended users
  • Prioritization of user requirements
  • Rapid and iterative prototyping of user requirements
  • Usability evaluations and laboratory testing
  • Tools and techniques for assessing usability
  • Seminars in user interface design and usability engineering
Isys Information Architects is a full-service provider of user interface design and usability engineering services. We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Contact us for further information, or to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

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GP designpartners provide this mirror — for educational purposes only — as the interface hall of shame is no longer maintained or available at its original home, [a domain apparently abandoned and taken over by a search spammer ...].

you can view this file in its original layout: design.htm.

please drop us a line if you happen to know anything about the whereabouts of brian c hayes of isys information architects, the author of this »interface hall of shame« [and fame].