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The Hall of Shame has generated a great deal of e-mail, and we thought we'd share a few of the responses we've received, if for no other reason that to reassure ourselves that our visitors have indeed found the site to be both informative and entertaining. Thanks for all your feedback and the suggestions you have all provided.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and are highly valued. Please drop us a line at

This is one of the best sites about programming I have yet to come across, even though it doesn't contain *one line* of code. It certainly opened *my* eyes about usability issues.
- Kenneth
I just saw the Interface Hall of Shame. It is very thoughtful and smart. Why didn't anyone tell be about it before now!
- Edward Tufte
Thanks very much, thats another month our project gets delayed while we revise the UI.
- Paul Felce
Your Interface hall of shame is the best interface design guide I've ever seen (If they don't want to read about how to do, let them read about how not to do.).
- Peter Lind
I've been looking at your hall of shame; brilliant work, wonderful humour. It's wonderful to find quality content on the web!
- Peter Cooper
I have enjoyed reading your comments on effective GUI design. I am currently involved in the design issues of a new product and your insights have been extremely informative and helpful. Designing effective interfaces is difficult and any help we can get to keep them user friendly is greatly appreciated.
- Robert Fink, Space and Naval Warfare System Center
That was one of the best sites I've visited in years. I particularly liked the animated presentations of UI misbehavior. Maybe it will make it a little easier to resist the drumbeat to make all our software look like IE.
- Gary Wiltshire, Intermedia Design Systems
Thanks for creating an *extremely* insightful resource on interface design. This site should become an internet institution.
- Jorn Barger
It is very rare that I spend more then a few minutes at a web-site and was surprised to see that I was here for over 2 hours! Sorry for hogging your site but I really enjoyed it.
- Paul Voller
As a newbie programmer, this site should be required reading for all beginners (and remedial reading for "the experts").
- Anonymous
I'm looking at your hall of shame, and as a mac user, I smile.
- Maarten Sneep
What a great site! I very rarely spend 2 hours reading and analyzing ANYTHING I find on the web.
- Benjamin Kahn
The hall of shame is simply genius! have captured the flaws of interfaces with intense clarity! Bravo!
- Mike of Neo Vista
Incredible site - should be required reading for all programmers. Keep up the great work - and I'll try to make sure none of my apps ever get on here.
- Anonymous
It was fun at first, but then it just gets nit-picky and almost as annoying as the software it spotlights.
- Mike
my best reading since Cooper's "About Face"...
- Bruno Conductier
I vastly enjoyed having my inarticulate hissy fits clarified by reading about Windows 95.
- Laurie Goldberg
LOVE the Hall Of Shame sight! Great information on on my favorite pet peeve. I'm a web developer who too often is forced to produce fluff (albeit great-looking fluff), so sites with real content are always a pleasure.
- Devin Knutson
Excellent examples of what NOT to do! I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the Win'95 Find Applet - I thought it was just me that couldn't make any sense of it.
- Larry Hill
From one UI designer to another, congratulations. It's a tour d'force and fun reading.
- Robin Kinkead
I don't normally write letters about web sites, but I was laughing so hard after reading your Interface Hall of Shame I just had to let you know it was thoroughly enjoyable. Of course, I never do any of those things.
- E. Kovar
Gee, thanks guys. Just spent all evening browsing through your site instead of getting any work done!
- Dave Sieber
I just wanted to let you know that I'm spending all morning at your Interface Hall of Shame site. It's fantastic. I'm nodding my head in agreement and laughing (out loud occasionally) at all of the "stupid" interface problems you've pointed out (and that I have to live with).
- Mark Nelson
I run a one man programming shop and I have for twenty years. It looks like this is just one big whine-fest.
- Kenneth Vogt
I thought your site was excellent, certainly one of the best programming sites on the web.
- Robert Ennals
MS would be doing everyone a huge service if they would provide a .URL file referencing your site with VB.
- Evan Edwards
If there's a page on the web which will rise the developers' awareness of UI design it's yours! The great examples, which are easy to understand, say more than all the books combined I've read so far!
- Carsten Nebel
I visited your web site and was very impressed. I think your site shows good taste in user interface design itself, and presents very important information to developers everywhere.
- Chris Velazquez
Your Hall of Shame and interface critiques are fantastic and right on the money! I give out your URL to my students in my GUI Design classes, and to my clients.
- David Dameo
I loved your site! We are a software development company that has its roots in Unix and character-based programming. We are rookies in the GUI world and your site has become quite a handy resource. I emailed the URL to all the GUI programmers in our company. I have to admit I found myself cringing a number of times as I read various criticisms. Especially useful to us was the guide to writing proper error messages. You've already helped us design a better interface, so a big thanks from me and Plexus Systems!
- Jerry Foster
Great stuff. It was both humorous and educational.
- Tamke Tree Experts
Thank you very much for the Hall of Fame/Shame pages. As a programmer and aspiring student of interface design, I found your examples to be enlightening and enjoyable to read. I especially appreciated the humor. Again, thank you for the time and effort you put into these pages.
- Mike Fleming
Excellent interface, rational arguments and great examples. Finally I have found rational explanations for what has been bugging me all along, albeit subconciously, about the layout of the Evil Empire's latest abortion! Bless you all...
- Mike
Youv'e put very eloquently and creativly in writing and graphics some of the things that I have been thinking about ever since Win95 was released. I completely agree with all of your examples of poor design, and could add many more, as i'm sure you could. As a software developer working in Washington, DC, I am very concerned about the decline in Microsoft's attention to interface design as well as quality. And I used to swear by Microsoft applications. My experience over the last five months since upgrading to 95 has been utter frustration. Anyways, THANK YOU for your well done web page!!!
- James Foskey
I recently got to your page through the 'Why Windows 95 Sucks' home page, and found your page to be highly interesting and thoroughly entertaining. It does a fine job of pointing out the awful trials we end-users must go through because of a programmer's stupidity or laziness. The page itself was setup very well as well, one of the few ones with a use of frames I can stand.
- Tony Toon
I'm very distracted by the fact that your material is obviously not professionally edited.
- Terri Walton

(It is two! I'm a proffesionel and I done edditted it mysefl - Isys)

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