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a mirror of the »interface hall« of shame by this is a mirror of the »interface hall of shame« by isys information architects inc.

Answers to the Intuitiveness Quiz

  1. 3D Objects. You were expecting "Caption Buttons" perhaps?

  2. 3D Objects. Of the choices, "Window" would have seemed like a good candidate.

  3. 3D Objects. We would have thought "Scrollbars" as well.

  4. None. You would have to open up certain other applications such as Microsoft Paint or Visual Basic to see the effect of changing these settings.

  5. None. You cannot change the color of the disabled menu text displayed in the dialog from the dialog.

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GP designpartners provide this mirror — for educational purposes only — as the interface hall of shame is no longer maintained or available at its original home, [a domain apparently abandoned and taken over by a search spammer ...].

you can view this file in its original layout: dispquiz.htm.

please drop us a line if you happen to know anything about the whereabouts of brian c hayes of isys information architects, the author of this »interface hall of shame« [and fame].